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The Strand is unashamedly a public amenity to be enjoyed by visitors and locals alike.
It is unequivocally 'a peoples place'. No demographic is excluded.
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THE STRAND ... a Peoples Place

For more than a century, with its sandy beach and long history of ocean baths and shorefront hotels, The Strand has been Townsville’s playground. The Strand foreshore is an important and valued community asset in the Townsville region.

The Strand Management and Townsville City Council view customer service as paramount. Consultation is carried out with all customers – visitors, regular Strand users, Strand residents, and commercial operators in The Strand precinct - to ensure that management keeps abreast and ahead of their requirements.

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Click for a virtual ride through the Strand Beach
Virtual ride through the Strand
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The Strand a regular award winner in the cleanbeach challenge

Squeals of delight can be heard from children and adults alike who flock to the fun of the Waterpark
The Strand Water Park
Many sporting activities can be found at the Strand
The rock climbing wall
on The Strand
The Strand has a constant use of facilities, with a busy timetable of

Sporting events such as fun runs and swims
Concerts (including several in the North Queensland Chamber Music Festival)
Schools events
Art events
The monthly Friday Night Markets which attract around 10,000 people
Major cultural events, such as the Cultural Fest (70,000 people)
Memorial events such as Tsunami Memorial Service
Christmas program
Strand Ephemera, a biennial sculpture competition celebrating The Strand and North Queensland.

Some visitors' views
Steve, Barbara and Louise, UK
"The Strand is so beautiful that they should make it longer. With its clean beaches and lovely scenery, we would definitely visit Townsville again."
There's room for eveyone on the Strand's Patrolled beaches
The Strand offers a huge range of opportunities for passive and active recreational activities for all age groups and abilities.