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An important opportunity to encourage people to travel greener, reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and improve the air quality of Queensland.

CARbon Busters Week
commencing Wednesday, 17th of March 2004
TCC Press Release 19/3/2004

TCC Parks Services staff ride their bikes to promote the Ross River to CBD bikeway

Carbon Busters Day 2004. Wednesday, 17th March, 2004On the 17th of March, Townsville City Council extended an invitation to staff and some organisations to be involved in CARbon Busters 2004.

CARbon Busters goes for 1 week and is associated with SmogBusters Day in Brisbane (coordinated by the Queensland Conservation Council and supported by Queensland Rail and Brisbane City Council).

Anyone can be involved in CARbon Busters by organising an event for the day. If you belong to a school, university, organisation, workplace etc. you can be a part of the event and encourage others to alternative forms of transport. Here's how…


Parks Services staff riding along the Bikeway

Think about what your workplace, school, university or wherever can do to encourage people to reduce their transport related greenhouse gas emissions. For a start, have a look through the "Ideas for CARbon Busters Day 2004" below - but feel free to come up with your own ideas too.

Fill out this form and fax it or post it to CARbon Busters Townsville as soon as possible.

Gather up CARbon Busters Day volunteers from among your workmates, classmates, club members, neighbours, elected government representatives etc, to help you plan and hand out free stuff on the day.

Publicise your event in local newspapers, shops, on noticeboards and by email to let people know what you're up to. CARbon Busters can help by providing a sample media release and A3 posters. Also, let us know if a media skills workshop would be of use to you.

protect, conserve, sustain.



  • Reward non-polluting "commuters" to your workplace, school or uni with free trees, stickers, magnets, etc. (contact CARbon Busters for some resources or gather your own from local businesses or your local council)

  • Test drive a petrol-electric hybrid vehicle (see TCC Toyota Prius)
    Contact your local councillor or state/federal member and sign them up for the "CARbon Busters Day Politicians' Green Transport Challenge"

  • Launch a week-long (or longer) contest to see which departments, classes etc., can walk, cycle or catch public transport most (with prizes for winners)

  • Have a non-polluting commuters' party or BBQ with food, door prizes, etc.

Citiworks staff plant 100 trees to offset their vehicle fleet emission
  • Carry out a survey of current travel habits at your workplace, school or uni, including what would need to change for people to be able to walk, cycle or take public transport instead of drive

  • Organise a poster design competition and display highlighting alternative transport

  • Have a screening of the CARbon Busters Pollution Solution Video (we can lend or sell you a copy)

  • Have a CARbon Busters poster display (we can lend you a set of laminated educational posters)

  • Start a "walking school bus", where students walk to school along an established route (like a bus),

  • Count bicycles parked at your workplace, school or uni before, on and after CARbon Busters Day

  • Develop (and launch) a CARbon Busters Access Guide for your workplace, school or uni to help people find ways to get there without driving

  • Organise a ride or walk to Campus/School/Work Challenge

  • Sing the CARbon Busters Song at your school or organisation (CD's available)

  • And if these nor any other idea interest you, contact CARbon Busters to see if you can help in someone else's event on CARbon Busters Day.

This annual event, in its 6th year, known as Smogbusters Day in SE Queensland, was held on the 17th March and asked commuters to leave their cars at home and use alternative transport such as trains, buses, bikes and feet. This is an important opportunity to encourage people to travel greener, reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and improve the air quality of Queensland.


Fact Sheets
Registration form (.pdf 95kb)
Invitation letter (.pdf 80kb)
Organise your event (.pdf 340kb)



Please contact Mark Davis on
07 4727 9313/0418199988
to see how you can help make this CARbon Busters Day the best ever.

TCC Press Release 19/3/2004


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