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Townsville Bikeways - Healthy Recreation and Sustainable Transport
A Townsville City Council program to develop and promote a network of on-road and off-road bikeways throughout Townsville, linking suburbs to the CBD and recreational areas, (eg. Ross River Parkway bike and pedestrian network).

Townsville Bikeways
Map of Townsville Bikeways (Click to Enlarge)

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Ross River Bikeway

Bikeways promote:

  • Sustainable Health
  • Sustainable Community
  • Sustainable Environment

Compared to cars, bikes:

  • Reduced Greenhouse Emissions
  • Reduced Air pollution
  • Increases community interaction
  • Improves health & fitness
  • Require less infrastructure (bike paths v. roads)
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Bicycles occupy less road space than motor vehicles per person.
Safe cycling increases the efficiency of existing roads. To the extent that bicycle use replaces single-occupant vehicle trips, this will help to conserve energy and ease the demand for additional road space and car parks.

Other advantages to be gained from the use of bicycles include:

  • bicycles need no fuel, give off no fumes and make almost no noise;
  • bicycles offer door to door mobility, and are not constrained by public transport timetables;
  • about 16 bicycles can be parked in the space required for one car:
  • in congested urban conditions, the bicycle is as quick for short journeys as other forms of transport:
  • a bicycle can be obtained at a reasonable cost and is economical to operate;
  • when isolated from other traffic, bicycles have a high level of safety, particularly when their relatively low travelling speed is considered.
  • and the bicycle offers a health bonus.

The Ross River Parkway    The Ross River Parkway
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The Ross River Parkway runs from JCU - Cranbrook to the Townsville CBD via Annandale & Mundingburra riverside open space.

"Parkway features bikeway with eight recreational nodes including bbq areas, children's play areas, river access, fishing platforms, pontoons, and seating"

The Ross River Parkway

    Map - Ross River Parkway
  • Developed through public consultation.
  • Masterplan produced 1999
  • Annually funded through TCC budget
  • $2 million in the 03/04 budget
  • 13km of the 22km parkway completed to date
  • State Government has agreed to fund the completion of the project

Australia Cycling
The National Strategy 1999-2004

Australia Cycling complements other national initiatives such as National Greenhouse Strategy and Active Australia. Vision Increased cycling for transport and recreation to enhance the well-being of all Australians.

Goal Double bicycle use by the year 2004.

Objectives Australia Cycling has 6 objectives that embrace coordination, integration, facilities, safety, information and education. These objectives are listed below and each one is expanded into strategies on the following pages.

Objective 1 Australia Cycling is implemented and reviewed in a coordinated and collaborative manner.

Objective 2 Policy and planning integrates cycling as a valued element.

Objective 3 Facilities exist that support increased cycling.

Objective 4 Safety for cyclists, on and off road, is continuously improved.

Objective 5 The benefits of cycling are recognised by decision makers and the Australian community.

Objective 6 Cycling is incorporated into all appropriate areas of education training and professional development. The National Greenhouse Strategy Commonwealth of Australia, 1998 Section 5.9 Walking and cycling will be promoted through:

  • (i) action to improve facilities and promote the benefits of walking and cycling,
  • (ii) reviewing, and where necessary amending, relevant strategic plans, laws and regulations, local area t traffic management standards and guides to address barriers to walking and cycling;
  • (iii) considering a range of speed limits for motor vehicles within residential and selected retail and commercial areas with the aim of improving safety and amenity or cyclists and pedestrians in harmony with local area plans;
  • (iv) reviewing and where appropriate updating the National Bicycle Strategy consistent with the above.

Ross River Parkway
A joint initiative of:

Part of the Sustainable Townsville porjects

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