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Townsville City Council has in place a number of innovative urban stormwater management programs designed to improve the quality of freshwater resources flowing into Cleveland Bay.

Stormwater Quality Management

The current Stormwater programs have been financed by two seperate Commonwealth funding blocks, the National Heritage Trust - Coast and Clean Seas Program, and the Urban Stormwater Initiative.

The overall aim of the projects is to demonstrate how to improve water quality in Townsville and to develop new designs and techniques specific to the urban stormwater regime of the dry tropics.

Stormwater runoff in Townsville

National Heritage Trust - Coasts and Clean Seas Program:
Louisa Creek Project

     • Camuglia Street
     • Greg Jabs Court

Urban Stormwater Initiative:
CBD Urban Waterway Project

     • Lakes 1 & 2
     • Railway Yards
     • Reid Park

Community Education
     • Community Education is an important component of these programs

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