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Ergon Energy Office of Sustainability

Every household and every business must take action to reduce both their water and energy consumption, and be pro-active in minimising climate change.

The Smart Home and Lifestyle Sustainability Expo (380kB .pdf) recognises the vital need to show the whole community how to protect our planet and our way of life.

This Expo will be Townsville’s largest showcase of products and services for use in homes, offices, businesses, schools and gardens, which save water, save energy, reduce waste, increase recycling or provide cleaner energy.

Going green is no longer optional: it’s something we all need to embrace. Using green products and services is a must for every business and household.

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Green is now mainstream

Who is Exhibiting?

Go Green Technologies

Solarhart solar hot water heating, water efficient devices, roof ventilation
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Recycled Plastic Products
Recycled plastic tables, benches, seats, bollards
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The Shade Guys
Australian-made shadecloth and blinds
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Wastewater treatment, and natural cleaners and conditioners
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Hidden Valley Cabins
Australia’s first solar powered resort
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Allsafe Energy Efficient Products
Insulation, solar hot water, skylights, ventilation and solar power panels
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Environ Enterprises
Eco-friendly pest management
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Ideal Electrical
Energy efficient lighting, automated lighting systems, and energy displays
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Tropical Energy Solutions
Energy efficiency and alternative energy services
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Heat reflective coating for a cooler roof
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Zing Space
Boutique ecological design and project management
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Pickerings Autos
Fuel efficient cars
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Genersys Solar
Solar water heating
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Metroll Plumbing
Water efficient fittings
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Pen to Paper
Sustainable office supplies
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Quantum Energy Technologies
Heat pump technology
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Gough Plastics
Rain tanks, waterless toilets, and environmentally focussed plastic products
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Environmentally friendly fibre-based cleaning products – no need for chemicals
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Visy Recycling
Australia’s largest recycling company
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AC Grant Electrical and
Air Conditioning
Daikin air conditioning installers- efficient cooling for home and office
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Conservation Volunteers Australia
Volunteering opportunities for those with a love of the outdoors and an interest in the environment
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Reef Check Australia
Volunteering opportunities to protect the Great Barrier Reef
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Visit the Townsville: Queensland Solar City precinct at the expo

Ergon Energy Magnetic Island Solar Suburb

Find out more about the installation of 500 solar panels on Magnetic Island
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Citysolar- Townsville City Council
Council’s project to involve the community in an energy-wise response to climate change
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Delfin Lend Lease Solar Precinct
Find out about sustainable home options at Delfin’s Rocky Springs development
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Honeycombes Property Group at Riverway
Sustainable apartment design at Riverway
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Cafalo Pty Ltd GreenT CBD building
Find out about this sustainable commercial building development in the heart of the CBD
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Seminars on Sustainable Living

The Smart Home and Lifestyle Sustainability Expo 2008 will be hosting a number of exciting presentations on reducing energy, water and waste around the home.

The presentations will be held in the seminar room between 10am and 4pm on the 23rd and 24th February. Please click here to find out further details.


The Venue

Townsville City Council Admin building – Forecourt Precinct Walker Street

  • Electricity supply of venue is 100% carbon neutral as Council obtains power from Ergon’s Greenpower program;

  • Impressive venue is centrally located, open to natural breezes, available car-parking;

  • Walking distance from CBD & Cotters Markets.


Sustainable Townsville

The Office of Sustainability at Townsville City Council is helping the community to act now on climate change.

We work with industry, business, communities, schools, households and all levels of government to help them cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce their everyday environmental impacts.

We apply the best ideas

We support innovation and make things happen. And we show that the sustainable use of resources makes good environmental and economic sense. We’re securing a high quality of life and a growing economy for Townsville. Because it’s our future – and we’re all in this together.

Visit: to find out how we can help you.



The Smart Home and Lifestyle Sustainability Expo is managed by Townsville City Council’s Office of Sustainability. The Office of Sustainability works across council, the community and business to provide an integrated approach to sustainable development.

The Office of Sustainability’s mission is to progress the vision of a sustainable Townsville through the facilitation and support of practical and progressive business and community product and service purchasing decisions.



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