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The Townsville City's Fishwatch network (2003 to 2007) was a local network created to discuss and advance recreational & environmental fishing initiatives.

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2003 to 2007

Solander Road Fishway - University creek prototype culvert fishways.
Live Fish Transporter - Transporting fish effectively and safely. 
Fish Identification Chart & Ruler (600kb .pdf)
Barramundi Fever (115kb .pdf) - by Eddie Riddle

Family fishing on the shore of the Ross River - Townsville city, Bowen road bridge
Recreational Fishers on tidal reach
of Ross River (Bowen Road Bridge)

Barramundi - Click to visit the tropical fish ecology page
Tropical Fisheries Ecology

Fishwatch network members included representatives from the following groups and organisations:

The Townsville City Fishwatch Network
was set up as a network for local fishers and community interests to discuss recreational fishing and environmental conservation of fish stocks in the Townsville area. The network consisted of members from a wide range of community groups, organisations and government.

Aim - Was to promote sustainable recreational fishing and sport-fishing as part of the Townsville lifestyle.

The objectives of the Fishwatch are to:

  • Provide a quarterly forum for business, industry and community to present ideas and integrate scientific research and local recreational fishing;

  • Provide an ongoing network for discussion and implementation of local recreation and environmental initiatives and projects.


  • Solander Road Fishway - University creek prototype culvert fishways.
    Aims to overcome fish migration barriers at the Solander Road - University Creek, road-waterway crossings.
  • Weed harvesting - NQ Water is trialing the use of a mechanical weed harvester to control aquatic weeds on Ross River.


Townsville City Council purchased a 1300L Fish Transporter designed for fish rescues and the transportation of fingerlings for fish restocking programmes. The 1200mm x 1500mm tank is able to transport fingerlings long distances. The detachable lid makes it easy to transport large fish in need of rescue in the event of water quality decline.

  Live Fish Transporter
Live Fish Transporter

Twin Cities Fishstocking Society and the Cungulla Fishing Club put the Fish Transporter to its first test when they transported 12,000 50-70mm Barramundi fingerlings from Bluewater Barramumdi Mourlyan Harbour to the Haughton River in October 2005. It was a great success, as can be seen by the photos showing Twin Cities Fishstocking Society and the Cungulla Fishing Club delivering the fingerlings into the Val Bird and Giru Weirs as part of the Haughton fish stocking programme.

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If you would like further information on the Fish Transporter please contact:
TCC Integrated Sustainability Services, Phone: (07) 4727 9000.

Fish Kills in Tropical Waterways
DERM Pollution Hotline (1300 130 372)